so far been quick enough,

got myself ahead,

got away from the sharks ,

and the crocodiles and various claws,

no time to stop for a pause,

escaped from quick sand,

and a few tidal waves,

I ducked away from a lava flow,

dug myself out of an avalanche,

shaken and stirred in an earthquake,

but I am still having a laugh,

yes I have been quick enough,

I am faster than a tax evader,

I have not found all the treasure,

for I am not the best Tomb Raider,

just one step ahead,

I feel the breath of trouble so close,

for those of you on my tail,

I would like to give you a toast,

I salute you , friends and foe,

and all of mankind,

I hope you have had it tough,

because so far I’ve been quick enough.

©D.Hobson December 2013