it has been three and a half years,
not quite endless I know,

amore senza fine

but us being together for this time,
it is a great thing to show.
To hold and to share so many memories,
to travel long and far,
maybe I should have written for and wide,
but we have travelled by air, by sea and car.

we have met so many people,
and we have had a drink or two,
we have made so many bridges,
and the most important thing is I love you.
How many meals have we prepared together?
how many times have we laughed until the tears?
how many times have you missed me when You are home alone?
when my voice is what you pine to hear.
In this time you have made me eat more veg,
and you have made me drink less beer,
you have made me a little calmer,
and this is another reason I love you dear.
sometimes you talk too loud and too long,
but that is ok with me,
even if you are sometimes upset,
you will always make me happy.
so three and a half years is just the start,
and our friendship has paved this way,
I cannot wait to continue this road,
and I love you more in every day.

©D.Hobson January 2013