another day passed well,biker 340bis

another day passed with Elisa,

another day together,

it shows how much i need her,

our fortune is us together,

our future is ours to share,

our happiness is there to see,

our mission is to care,

a long hard battle ahead,

biker 282bis

we’ve had major victories in the past,

we’ve literally climbed up mountains,

and felt sick crossing the Irish Sea.

with a life in rome,

and its hinterlands,

and long holidays,

in england and here in the south,

a crazy non stop,

romantic voyage,

with no money in the pockets,

our love is our only wealth,

sometimes we don’t see eye to eye

sometimes we are so head strong,

unfortunately we fight for what we believe in,

we find it difficult to say we was wrong,

but then we come back together again,

stronger and warmer from a fight,

to live and love another day,

another i love you goodnight.

©D.Hobson August 2013