chase death just to be called brave.
and we are overconfident,
we think we are immortal,
cannot happen to us,
buy a car,
adjust the engine,
go faster stripes,
fat tyres,
chunky exhaust,
a stereo for the noise,
big speakers
to transmit to the world,
with a roar,
the engines alight,
sports bucket seats,
will hold you in tight,
seat belt no helmet,
no roll over bar,
nothing to strengthen the car,
just more cc and less brakes,
living in a dream,
watched too many movies,
forgotten too many endings,
James Dean and Paul Walker are dead,
so 20, so young,
take a ride on this saturday night,
girlfriend won,
in the passenger seat she smiles,
time to show off,
this is going to be wild,
on an unlit country road,
between a pothole and an oil spill
too fast with love,
the car with dodgy brakes,
spinning around with Jenny,
no guardrail,
just an old pine tree,
the car splits in two,
this is the end not only for you,
you got what you wanted,
you died young,
few people will cry for you,
you died in vain,
young and naive,
you chased death just to be called brave.

┬ęD.Hobson December 2013