cat virgin a world of love and religion,

is the shadow of pain and greed,

all of those industrialists,

planting their doomsday seed,

the clouds are turning yellow,

as lethal weapons point to the atmosphere,

now picture all those young civilians,

inhaling fumes so deadly and severe,

diseases rule the kingdom,

spread by desperate girls,

selling their bodies for money,

and exchanging them for pearls,

war is so hungry and explosive,

and nuclear missiles point to the sky,

hundreds of native warriors,

load their guns to die,

is there a simple cure?

for our worlds contagious disease,

the scientists sit and ponder,

as death rides on the breeze,

precious time is draining away,

the future is black as night,

the naturalists march in anger,

as dithering politicians try to do right,

will we conquer hunger,

will we conquer greed,

will the person responsibile,

be put on trial for this inhumane deed,

greedily, we go on living,

ignorant to our worlds demise,

yes our earth is screaming,

and you?

are you laughing at its cries?

©D.Hobson 1995

published in the anthology “sunlight and shadows”

ISBN pictorial press 0-9699334-3-6