sept 2013 159when Elisa washes her hair,

it’s like the end of the world,

a thousand questions asked,

a thousand problems unresolved,

will I have time to …

after lunch or before tea?

will there be enough hot water?

for everybody the cat and the bunny?

which towel is fluffy enough,

to start to dry my hair?

which socket is free,

to use my super delux hairdryer?

should I dry my dark hair,

normal or upside down?

should I add a hair product

or I should I just leave it bouncy and natural?

and when the hair is done,

so fluffy, light and clean,

we then start with the hair styles,

pony tail, pig tail or flowing in the wind,

the day after we start the countdown,

for the next episode of hair,

if I wash it tomorrow,

then friday I am free,

but then again Saturday,

is a problem if we go out,

it will be far to dirty,

so should I wash it friday,

if I’m not too tired or too stressed,

but what happens if I get ill?

oh the stress the stress the stress,

so when Elisa washes her hair,

it’s really like the end of the world,

it’s a big big problem to comprehend,

it’s something that will accompany me,

when I am too bald and old.

©D.Hobson August 2013