monday greyit is the start of the week and monday is grey,

its cold and wet and ugly and winter,

the start of a week a start of a day,

everyone arrived at work so bitter,

with hoods and scarves and gloves,

and banter from the results in Serie A,

a strong coffee with lots of sugar,

to keep those eyes wide awake.

not much happened on this boring grey day,

the engineers were strangely quiet,

all the tires arrived on time,

but to many people talked about their diets.

i did as little as i could without falling asleep,

counting the minutes down to four thirty two,

the light at the end of a boring long tunnel,

so i can leave this place and come home to you.

actually i did more work after work,

did the shopping and so topped up our supplies,

bought ingriedients to make a trifle,

he he i hope you like the surprise,

bought jelly online and sent from the UK,

the other ingriedents i had to make do,

the colours in the trifle are so cosmic,

i wanted to brighten up this dull day for you.

now in five minutes my love will make some pasta,

with mince meat and cooking cream,

in the mix some onion some peas and some spices,

believe me the colours have arrived in this dull day.

adding some red red wine from tuscany,

and the red red heart of my elisa,

now this red red head will leave you.

because the kitchen is calling and i need to help her.

©D.Hobson January 2013