oh mother nature,
what have we done to thee,
we’ve polluted every ocean,
and scarred every tree,
we kill our holy brothers,
and murder our sisters,
we work hard for our blisters,
our brains are numb our visions scarred,

so let out your distress signal,
play your key card,
oh mother nature,
we’ll try to help thee,
we’ve destroyed your beauty,
we’ll put it right you’ll see,
damaged earth so war-torn,
babies dead before they’re born,
sick minds rule the eastern sands,
cry out in pain,
as we burn in your hands,
oh mother nature,
please forgive me,
your protective skin is torn,
thus killing thee,
the suns rays pierce your soul,
still we live and follow a false goal,
they will learn and they will burn,
so please silence your anger,
mankind will surely turn,
mother nature, dying insane,
mother nature , crying out in pain,
mother nature is crying,
mother nature is dying,

©D.Hobson 1996

published in the anthology “jewels of the imagination”

ISBN 1-57553-182-8