sitting here and sipping on wine in velletri,

relaxing with Elisa after a hard day at work,

sitting here thinking in central italy,

trying to be calm and not going berserk.

yes you could say i am bad tempered,

you can also say i am hot headed,

maybe i can be often a pain in the arse,

i am not the kind to be under estimated.

but how many pot holes did i see today?

how many did i see temporary fixed?

how long will it be before the holes are bigger than before,

these things make me so pissed.

the region keeps promising us new infrastructure,

the existing network is falling down,

Er Batman  stole away all the regions money,

all the building works have now shut down.

Berlusconi was too busy partying,

for putting serious policies in print,

now the whole sodding country,

is desperate and skint.

while we the poor and defenceless,

are forced to pay higher taxes and fuel.

and now Berlusconi wants to be elected again?

i’d rather vote for a deaf and dumb mule.

Alemanno has ruined the eternal city,

dithered over this and that,

2000 year old monuments are ruined,

for this stupid ignorant erm…. brat.

Polverini did her fair share,

and closed the best hospitals in this ward,

she tried to drive the wrong way up Via Del Corso,

we always knew she was backwards.

but i am sitting at home with Elisa,

trying not to listen to the latest news,

sitting here and drinking in Velletri

trying to hide from all the political views.

©D.Hobson January 2013