when evening shadows fall,
and in walks the cold,
and the light is defeated by the night,
when danger is around the corner,
and security is just the past,
and the senses do not feel right,
all crimes are mainly found here,
in the loneliness that you fear,
and you don’t want to venture outside,
so you hide in fear inside,
when evening shadows fall,
and the owls they call,
and the bats they shriek in delight,
in every church arch a phantom,
in every graveyard a ghoul,
in every old hall a story twice told,
to every tourist and fool,
when evening shadows fall,
the vampires awake,
the wolfman combs his hair,
zombies add extra rotting flesh,
and the boogeyman calls the witch called Blair,
and when evening shadows fall,
another story is retold,
another victim screams her last scream,
and when bed calls and the wind screams outside,
under the covers you want to hide,
trying to ignore the beasts and satans call,
when it all begin again,
when insects of the night begin to crawl,
when evening shadows fall.
it is not natural,
maybe not in the script,
these unexplained things,
tales from the crypt,
spine chilling noises,
hairs raised on the neck,
doors creaking ominously,
as the strongest crash to the deck,
fainting heroes,
cowards delight,
when opportunity strikes,
on this eerie night,
when evening shadows fall,
some people are more relaxed,
knowing the world in the day,
is just one ball of lies,
but here in the shadows,
and the graveless cries,
all the freaks of nature,
tall and small,
surrounded by truth,
happy with their beauty.
in such a unique way,
baring their souls,
that you cannot do in the day,
when evening shadows fall,
the inner self shines,
from all the defects here,
there is something for more divine.
©D.Hobson December 2013
adjusted March 2015.