summer time,

so hot and sore,

and you’ve eaten and drunk,

’til you can’t no more,

you’ve seen long lost family members,

which you thought were dead,

and try to dodge the whore of your cousin,

who has a bad case of lies,

people who you’d love to talk to,

surrounded by antisocial flies,

people who never really liked you,

can’t stop yapping to you, to your surprise,

did you hear who got married,

in a rented bridal gown today?

did you hear about the wife,

who kissed the priest and ran away?

did you hear of the dear old lady,

who died peacefully in her sleep?

did you know she was really so old,

all these words to make you weep.

summer time is here,

and time to catch up on old news,

whilst the misses yaps some more,

the male gulps down some more booze,

so when you have caught up,

with cousin, nan and bro,

time has passed in an instant,

it’s time to pack up and go,

oh the memories of a holiday,

the snaps are just like last year,

lots of the same old faces to tag,

but do they really care?

time soon passes back to work we go,

and before you know it time flies,

and the sun it turns to snow,

and it will be time to return back there,

where women talk and catch up,

men eat the food and snooze,

it’s the way of life for some,

it’s the way of life they choose.

©D.Hobson August 2013