Clock is ticking its making that noise,
Like a rickatickaty tick of old boy’s toys,
It’s winding you up as it’s winding down,
It’s literally sticking out its tongue like a circus clown,
It’s telling you that you have less minutes to live,
And that you’re nearer to a word called die,
It’s telling you off for all the missed opportunities,
It’s giving you a push and a cheaper way to fly.

And it’s pushing you over a cliff,
And you don’t dare to look down,
It’s living for the first time without parents,
And it’s midnight in a desolate town,
With a broken umbrella in a storm,
And not a shelter or tree around,
When you’ve an important “must do” thing tomorrow,
Soaked, you know you’ll be getting the worst cold in town.
But fight on don’t give up hope,
It can’t rain forever even Axl said that,
There will be always someone to share your brolly with,
Even when you’re old and bald and without your woolly hat.
The clock inside me clicks away,
It can’t wait to race through another day,
Telling me to fly to the next time zone,
Too much to do, too little of me, I need a clone,
Pushed now from day to night,
Can’t get a grip just can’t get it right,
I have a plan, I know someone said,
But before the oil was applied he was dead,
No use in dreaming if your ideas don’t go down in print,
Even with money in your pocket you’ll always be skint,
Now you stop and pause with a tear in your eye,
You’ve been pushed out of the cheaper way to fly,

Hold back on the reigns lets slow this horse down,
Just like Shergar you will not always be around,
Let’s have a pause to think, a time to drink,
To quench the thirst, find a thought processor,
In an ancient mind of cogs and oil,
Let’s just use the pen and path our way,
Through thoughts and memories and things astray,
Let’s wrap it in cotton wool then show the world,
Who we are and what we do,
But the whole worlds too busy watching Doctor Who,
Even I like the Time Lord I won’t lie,
Yes the Tardis is a cheaper way to fly.

And now the clock moves on and on,
And this literature thing has gone on too long,
How many words do you need to say nothing at all,
How many songs do you need before you become Rock n’ Roll,
We wish we all could be Ginger or Slash for a day,
But we wouldn’t survive the second bottle of Jack anyway,
Whilst riffs and beats massage you to a high,
Suckerpunch and Sweet Child are a cheaper way to fly,

Just don’t think it’s been 25 years since Saul wrote that,
His clock has been ticking along time underneath his hat,
Time moves on for everyone, no exclusions,
Even if you’re a fading 60s model who has suffered 60 liposuctions,
You’re are still going to meet your maker,
You’d best get the most out of who you are,
Be brave be you and you’ll go far,
No use in giving up or giving out a sigh,
You have got to do it now,
You’ve got to find a cheaper way to fly.

©D.Hobson October 2013