feb 2012today there was no news,
nothing happened today,
nobody did anything extraordinary,
nothing went astray,
today the criminals stayed in,
all the kids just watched t.v.
all the parked cars stayed untouched,
nobody spilt the gravy,
nobody defrauded the banks,
the IRA had a day off,
they royals stayed in bed,
this time just with a nasty cough,
nobody crashed their car,
the airplanes stayed in the sky,
the trains all ran on time,
all the truth said, not a lie,
nobody died at all,
yet nothing was born,
no missiles where launched,
no peace deals torn,
and there was no adverse weather,
and no paranormal affairs,
yes today was february the 30th,
have you ever been there?
where no news is good news,
no murder, no war, no crime,
i wish i could visit this day,
but i don’t seem to have the time,
i’m too busy laughing at all the news,
laughing all the time!
©D.Hobson 1997
published in the anthology “News At Ten”
ISBN (softback) 1 85930 412 5