I am what I am and I write what I write,
and I stare into space trying to get the words right,
for the last poem I wrote,
fell flat on its face,
I’ve got to recalculate the formula,
got to give the words more pace,
for it’s all about comments and likes ,
and grabbing the audience’s attention,
if your poem is too long and tedious,
the critics will send you to detention,
positive side of asking strangers to follow you,
is you always get a different point of view,
they’re not scared of telling you the truth,
or giving you a push or a lift or a kick,
so I am what I am and I do what I do,
sometimes I’m angry , sometimes I’m blue,
I’m lazier than most when I’m worked to the bone,
quiet as a mouse, silent on the phone,
Don’t speak much at all , Elisa does that for me,
she’ll talk for hours, while I’m drinking for her,
she’s now exhausted and I’m quite tipsy,
together we are one, and one are we,
so friends and followers and all those new,
this is me in my poetry and thank you,
I will try to write in many different ways,
trying to put my point across in my angry haze,
I’ve dedicated many poems to Elisa my love,
but this here poem is for her and for all of you,
for those people who have read a line or two,
this is just a quick little ditty written for all of you,
so my Five Minutes are over now I have A Cheaper Way To Fly,
What’s Out There, I will write for you to see,
I am what I write, I write and again thank you

©D.Hobson December 2013

thanks to everybody reading this and making my poetry worthwhile,

above all thanks to Elisa for nagging me to continue writing.

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