A few of us have done nothing,
And a few of us have treated this world well,
But a few of us have invoked danger,
And turned our loving world into hell,
A few poisons have killed many breeds,
A few bad mistakes live on,
A few more ideas from negative seeds,
And nature will be long gone.
You have raped and torn the wilderness,
Turning water into mush,
Great, you have made evolution history,
You have destroyed natures trust.
A few of us care for what we have done,
A few less know exactly how it become,
A few more people die from extreme weather,
A few more, every single year.
A few more say it’s not human made,
Replying the evidence is not soundproof,
A few more scoff and wage war,
Against these people disconnected and aloof.
Multinationals and tyrants sitting in the same boat,
They only care for themselves as they try to keep afloat,
As the sea levels rise from melting polar ice sheets,
Everybody now in unison say it wasn’t me.
A few more chemicals enter the food chain,
A few more medicines become inert,
A few more deadlier stronger viruses,
A few more bodies bite the dirt.
Is mankind spiralling out of control,
For being too greedy, too ambitious, too insane?
Are we now paying for 200 years of industry,
Trying to build faster cars and boats and planes?
Where will it end, ending all in tears?
A few of us are blind to the signals,
A few of us don’t care at all,
But I am sure not so many of us will survive,
When mankind makes its final fall.

©D.Hobson august 2013