next to meLife has become funny and sweet,
Living now within these leaves,
Of my favourite tree,
Mine is always evergreen,
Always ready with a smile,
Protecting me from the negative rain,
Her branches reach out far and wide,
I have a roof and a room to hide,
From all the daily crap that comes my way,
And through storm or sunny weather,
I am strong but light as a feather,
I am so wise but ever so dumb,
Rich without a penny in my purse,
But at least I am having fun,
There is only room for me,
And the insects and spiders don’t bite,
For I am there ally not a threat,
Nothing in here to make me upset,
But the wind it comes to rustle my feathers,
And the night is silent and cold,
But in my protective bubble I am safe,
My only worry is getting old,
For a moment you could see,
A split second of vulnerability,
Now sitting here immune to all of that,
Relaxing with a new friend called tranquillity,
For all those who know me,
They know exactly which tree is mine,
It’s smaller but sweet, robust but fragile,
I’ve been talking about Elisa all this time,
And in this world of erosion,
It’s hard to find a place to root,
But I have now my positive energy,
No more in war, no need to shoot,
Just relaxing with my tranquillity,
With Elisa next to me.
©D.Hobson September 2013