the world it spins constantly
the night always becomes day,
the seasons change ,
and come and go relentlessly,
not long back we had summer,
and we felt warmth in our bones,
now as the heat evaporates away,
we have cold aches in every zone,
and now we only see the rain,
the wind is king once more,
summer time has been packed away,
but I still have you… grazie elisa
and when the lightning burns the sky,
and the thunder rolls in my ears,
I will always remember every smile,
and forget all the tears
the winds bring a colder day,
humidity is in the air,
the hours are darker and lonelier,
but I am warm because you are here,
soon we will fall into winter,
where days are short, nights are long,
even here in Rome a risk of snow,
but with you at home I stay on song,
one day in the future,
will come growth that means it’s spring,
In some weeks the rains will fade away,
and new warmth it will bring,
but for all the changes of seasons,
for the differences year after year,
I am still happy all the time,
knowing that Elisa is always there,
hot or cold, rain or shine,
Elisa is always mine,
the light through the window changes,
but the light in my heart is forever yours.
©D.Hobson Oct 2013