fangs… And the day is long and you are stressed some more,
And still Signora Maria is screaming near your door,
And the exam sitting is always getting closer,
You are at your wits end, you are ready to snap,
And suddenly you remember that you’re in love,
And all the negative energy for a moment subsides,
And suddenly there is a goal to aim for,
And now you’re refreshed with this turning of the tides,
And suddenly you remember all the good things,
That we have forever done together,
All those holidays all those concerts,
The meals together and those walks,
All of the laughter all of those jokes,
All the private parties we forgot to host,
When we met Adam Ant and Tony Wright,
You got a hug from Cass in Skunk Anansie,
All those smiles from such great nights,
And don’t forget the “ravioli e piselli”!
And suddenly you smile again,
No matter what’s going on outside that door,
The neighbour might be having a tantrum,
But for a moment you don’t care anymore,
And all the history of the temples in Cambodia,
Is for a brilliant second set aside,
The stress of the upcoming stressful exam,
Is for a split second as far away as the tide,
And suddenly you remember the beer on the beach,
Not normal in summer but odd in midwinter,
Not even within the day, but almost night,
Photos taken show strange blue glows,
How great if it would to be, they were the spirits of the light,
Remember we did the same sort of thing,
On a windy cold beach in saltburn,
The beer was drank before we got on the sand,
Do you remember the silly hat that I wore?
And suddenly you realise you are dreaming,
And the time, well it’s running away,
Elisa get back into that book you should be reading,
Before the night it wrestles away the day,
And suddenly you realise the time,
Your tummy reminds you so,
Hungry and thirsty you raid the fridge,
For cheese and ham, tomatoes and coleslaw,
Studying has become elusive,
The time is not on your side,
But I still have faith in my Elisa,
Soon your exam will come and go,
The results will be good and grand,
All your paranoid thoughts were just a show,
And suddenly you realise,
You’ve drifted off again!
And suddenly you find yourself,
Eating the paper napkin!
©D.Hobson September 2013