The cat , it watches me from afar,
Its eyes fixed on my shadow,
Its legs crossed perched on a wall,
All my movements it follows,
But for a small instant,
When a pair of butterflies pass by,
The wind then rustles the leaves,

And then we return eye to eye.
What is the cat saying to me?
Is it really mocking me?
Does it love me only for the food?
Or does it really care for me?
Is the cat cheesed off,
From the quality and quantity of its dinner?
Is the cat fed up,
Because he has to share this meal?
Is the heat playing games with the cat?
Is it suffering just like me?
Hey cat I left you water down there,
So you cannot blame me!
Did the cat see the mini scorpion?
When it ran past its tail?
I hope the cat was not stung by it,
I hope the cat does not try to eat the pest.
The cat yawns, is it bored?
Is it tired of our game?
It knows I will give in soon,
Yesterday it was the same.
Soon I will go down stairs
To leave the cats a meal,
Only a small offering from me,
No matter what you feel,
Better than nothing,
A small offering of mine.
And tomorrow we will play the same game,
You stare, I stare you eat.
You wash and bite and I retreat.
The cat no longer stares,
Its got what it wanted,
No more use for me,
See you tomorrow my furry friend,
You are the cat for me!