freda thread is born, maybe cotton,
colourless, lifeless, empty,
somebody, somewhere has a plan,
not one thread needed but plenty,
soon the thread is dyed and washed,
and trimmed and sold on line,
transported around the world,
not bad for some newborn twine,
in a distant factory woven,
connected now with a thousand more threads,
finally this thread has a use in this world,
it can proudly raise its head.
just as when we are born,
we have little memories and no words,
but like the thread mentioned before,
in time we will evolve,
our web of knowledge grows larger,
the people we meet increase,
we are interlacing with each other,
we cut we copy and paste,
just like fibres we reach afar,
some hi tech ones reach the stars,
so it’s important to remember,
no matter how little we were,
with hope and a plan and connections,
we can and we will go far.

©D.Hobson Sept 2013