It was unpredictable,
You never saw it coming,
You hoped it never would,
It was placed on your back burner,
You never thought it could,
But it did.
And now you are in the shit,
And now you have opened your eyes,
That it happened after all,
And you cannot evict your own lies,
While peoples fortune lies in your hands,
And the future is as delicate as lace,
You gambled with the wrong type,
And know you feel out of place.
It was unpredictable,
But it didn’t mean it never would,
Because it did happen again,
As big and bad as nature could,
Unleashed again and again.
Now comes the stutter,
Now comes the tears,
Now it is time to hold your hands up,
Now it is time to hear the jeers.
You didn’t believe in it,
Because it was unpredictable,
But where was your plan B?
Just in case it reared its head,
Now you are faced with a tragedy,
Now you are faced with many dead,
Now you will resign in shame,
As the city folk shout “off with his head”
So many unpredictable events,
Are waiting to unfold,
But many unpredictable events,
Are just old events retold,
From a river flood or a volcano,
From San Francisco to New Orleans,
From Vesuvio Etna and Stromboli,
Remember nature is beautifully mean.

© D.Hobson August 2013