colours vibrant,

colourscolours dull, colours on the mast, colours faded on the hull,

colours transparent,
in the not yet polluted sea,
colours shattered,
as the sun sets in front of me, colourless droplets of rain,
the orange glow of the sun,
the striking double rainbow,
as the storm comes we run,

the many colours of the human races,
every single one with different coloured hair,
a spectrum is not only a computer,
but it has every single colour in there,
the danger is red of blood,
oozing from a fatal wound,
the emptiness of the dark sky,
interupted only by the reflecting moon,
the colour of the star is ancient,
the light has taken so long to reach here,
the darkest black hole,
will destroy everything that is near,
in spring the colours are bright and rampant,
in every flower reborn,
autumn reflects the opposite,
when colours are sad and forlorn.
so simple colours,
only for simple minds,
we are just simplier shades,
hiding behind open blinds,
colours are here always,
colours have always been,
colours are for everyone,
colours are made to be seen.

©D.Hobson August 2013