it’s dark, it’s night,
you half open your eyes,
don’t know what you have done,
to wake up at this time,
don’t even need to pee,
didn’t eat lasagna last night,
only had one glass of red wine,
and moonlight creeps in through the skylight,
you did try to blot out the light,
with sticky tape and kitchen foil,
but the persistence of the moonlight prevails,
and enters what was a darkened room,
must be a cloudy night,
for the moonlight comes and goes,
and this silence that is night,
you can hear the bitter wind howl,
your heart is beating fast,
you don’t know why,
are you afraid of the dark?
are you petrified to arise?
as the wind it dies down,
and there is no more sound,
it’s so deadly quiet you can hear you heart,
so eerily silent you can hear a fly fart,
startled now you hear an owl hoot,
smiling again you call yourself a silly cunt,
your fear is heightened as you’re not so awake,
i just want to sleep for fucks sake,
in the distance a sound like thunder,
the hairs prick up on the back of your neck,
you hear something like a stone rolling down your rooftop
you somehow have ears of a superhero,
you can hear everything on this silent night,
now another noise comes closer,
your heartbeat fails to calm down,
relax please, for it’s just a helicopter,
Police maybe, on another crackdown,
maybe looking for copper thieves or something,
or maybe just messing around,
then just as you were nodding off,
you get awakened by another sound,
it’s the alarm clock, damn it,
shit, time to go to work,
oh so tired, why couldn’t I sleep
© D.Hobson December 2013