Tired, we wearily travel on,
After work or after we’ve studied,
To Rome the place where we once lived,
Where we met and where our memories are buried,
We all have teething problems,
That’s what this dentists for, on the way,
We meet up and say hello to old friends,
Elisa happy to see Tiziana, Lydia and Simona,
Friendship like this should never end,
Even now we are further apart,
Tired still, we turn our ship around,
Going back to the shit hole we call home,
Stressed of the news and price of repairs,
Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair,

In the dark, lonely Roman countryside,
Hungry, we are heading back to the nest,
The stray cats are most probably waiting to be fed,
Better a clever cat than a Velletrano half dead,
With whom you live with everyday in Velletri,
I underline that its no place for me,
As we turn through a roundabout,
The full moon reflects its light,
Highlighting your gorgeous features,
In this near autumn near night,
And the beauty of this makes you smile,
Makes you happy for a second of time,
All the paranoia and doubt and debt,
Is just pushed away by our favourite asteroid,
And the moonlight bathes your face,
It takes us away to a special place,
Reminding us of all the stories told,
From romance to horror in this life foretold,
So romantic, so powerful, in a trance,
We dream of witches in a spell moved dance,
We think of the sea with a reflection of the moon,
It makes life better, makes us sing a different tune,
Now the moon sits above our dormant volcano,
We wind around the roads to our home,
Even though its 8 o’clock there’s no one around,
Unlike our old house in the always vibrant Rome,
Now under the moonlight we feed the cats,
Strays gathered here by our small gift,
For a second they’re grateful, we’re happy with that,
Especially when we see the moon reflecting in their eyes,
Tired now, the moon has led us home,
Finished now, our not so romantic trip to Rome,
We prepare to eat an omelet with spuds and spice,
And of course some beer to make it twice as nice.

©D.Hobson September 2013