It’s Thursday evening in Italy, the holiday season is hurtling towards us at high speed,
The year that was 2013 is at an end and now we all look back on where it went. Most people are worried about what presents they should buy, other people are organizing office parties and other drunken mayhem,
Me and Elisa? Well we put up a small Christmas tree one week ago…

and that’s us done for this year, Christmas now for me anyway does not ha

ve a lot of meaning, I am not a Christian so the real reason for Christmas has just passed me by, as for buying lots of tacky presents for people who don’t real give a shit about you , well I stopped doing that over 20 years ago, Christmas , for lots of people is where you get a chance to relax with the family, well those people who you still talk to, because family squabbles are common and crying over spilt milk is a crime needed to be punishe

d harshly…
We will be traveling south as we usually do over this period, seeing the in-laws so to speak, most of the cooking and washing up is done by them, even though I try to help I am generally screamed at to leave the dirty


plates alone. Therefore, when Elisa is not asking me questions like “should I wash my hair now” and “what should I wear tonight” I will try to write something new and original.
So Christmas comes and goes, we are tra

veling down on the 24th, we are off the train and straight to the table, as the main Christmas meal, is on the 24th evening, so

basically after a 6 hour journey we only have time to wash our hands and then it’s the feast. Christmas day is just relaxing after a stressful journey and then we just plod around until new year.
The best bit over here is that another national holiday which falls on the 6th of January means we get two weeks off work .

Well I am not quite finished writing in 2013, what is more important I decided after 20 years of writing to


actually push myself into the public eye, well I am nowhere near my goals yet, but I am in the corner, in the dark but coming through. If you do not know it I transformed my twitter and facebook pages to accommodate my art, facebook started successfully but I messed up and had to start again! ( I have only 40 likes on my page), twitter is going good, 540 followers but I suppose most them are gurus who want to help you do something better, I started a blog on blogs

pot and I got no followers but I did get 2000 reads…, Google plus I got 30 followers, pinterest a few less, last week I thought I’d experiment with wordpress and I got off to a good start with now around 45 followers.

So you could say I have laid the foundations, I have no idea where I am going and certainly no idea what to do when I get there, I just hope the few who actually read what I am writing like it, or maybe I give them a smile, I hope my work is shared, republished and not deleted, because I have deleted 95% of my work in the last 20 years.

So in 2014 , I should continue to write poetry and short stories unless I get a petition against me telling me “for god sake in th

e name of art stop this waffle or woffle” then I might consider stopping, but if I can make one person laugh, one person that is not Elisa, then I would be happy.

Tired after a day of work, knowing I have shopping to do today, if the bastards and bitches actually leave me a parking space outside the shop , which yesterday they didn’t, please a car park for the supermarket is just for us shoppers,


not for you tarts who need to shake your ass in a gym! Well I will calm down when I am supping on my beer with Elisa by my side later on.

2 more working days to go, one long day of travel and then I can relax… hopefully!

Have a great day ,

what is left of it!

Darren and Elisa