Amore, are you ready for some wild times?
We’ll commit some fake crimes,
In our minds where fantasy is potent
This poet with wild hair and wild beard,
We’re going to put things into perspective,
In our lives where we live out fantasy,
And sometimes we are low and deflated,
When good luck passes us by,
But when pain and illness strike again,
Deep down inside we know we’ll be back strong,
Again in another day, better in every way,
And these wild times will come back stronger,
And the stray cats near our house will dance longer,
And their wild eyes light up when we bring food,
Except for Brutta who hisses and spits so rude,
And the music on the stereo pumps The Wildhearts,
And the oven pumps out smells divine,
And we’re laughing and smiling and farting again,
Wildly crazy mad and happy you are mine,
I promise you wilder times my dear,
Longer trips on bigger steam trains,
Maybe on bigger waves but we ride on through,
And on wild windy airplanes that worry you,
But for the wild and the negative we’re still here,
Side by side, hand in hand, drinking beer,
We’re nearer another wild train ride,
Down to the wilds which is Calabria ,
We’re nearer another wild feast of meat and veg,
And our wild, wild dreams are always nearer,
So after this wicked weather has worn out,
We will come out of hiding like antz,
We will add another rocking wild adventure,
I will give you a reason to wear those flash leather pants,
So grit your teeth, amore, look to the future,
The pain will drain away,
Time to get this wild ride back on track,
And to be happier and wilder in every day.

©D.Hobson December 2013