elisa implanttimes change and the seasons too,
you are here and you stay here with me,
whilst the world is spinning away,
we live and love another day,
when the cold of january comes down,
in love we are keeping warm,
no matter how much it rains or snows,
we are together in our home,
whilst rainbows are beautiful,
and a bird song is full of glee,
a look into your Calabrian eyes,
is just enough for me,
while a cats purr and a shake of the tail,
brings joy to my poor heart,
just being near you in any way,
keeps me so complete.
no matter how many earthquakes we’ve felt,
no matter how much hell spits out Etna,
do we care what the dithering government do,
just as long as we are together every day,
we share our thoughts and views,
we read together the world noise,
I get distressed when you get paranoid,
and when I am fragile you get annoyed,
we do argue like every other love dove couple,
just a storm in a tea-cup to clear the air,
you moan because I leave dirty socks everywhere,
I moan because I am always cleaning up your hair,
I clean for you , I cook for you,
I make sure you have enough to eat,
and when you are fragile like all women are,
I let you take the weight off you feet,
whilst love is a long road,
and four years is only a start,
I want you to know little Elisa,
you are firmly implanted in my heart

©D.Hobson December 2013