well as  I promised christmas got nearer, we can almost smell the lasagna, and again as promised I did write some more poetry.

I am sure when you saw that I wrote a poem that was definitely not micropoetry (over 900 words long) you must have thought I was off my rocker, what you don’t know is that the idea came on sunday morning and I wrote it down in less than half an hour, as always it takes me longer to write here on the computer and edit out the many errors.

sometimes these ideas just sit in front of my brain and say let me out let me out, whilst the other poems are just floating around somewhere at the back, important I still have ideas in this brain of mine.

I would like to thank people who have added me this week and for those who have at least tried to read my poems, I would be surprised if you have read all my long poems 🙂

enjoy the rest of this sunday , because mayhem is just around the corner.


darren and elisa