the shame of it, the vergogna,
how can you treat someone that way?
they’re running away from a war zone,
or trying to find a new life,
these people survived open seas,
on two pieces of wood taped together,
and now they are treated like this?
they are human just like me,
poorer and lost in their lives,
they are just poor souls looking to the future,
and now you treat them like animals?
dragged from violent seas,
where other country men have died,
closed in a small area,
dignity taken away,
washed down little cattle ,
welcome to Lampedusa,
dithering politicians strike again,
the are racist in their new laws,
lives are lost and pride has gone,
and for what cost?,
it’s a big problem we must resolve,
and must be resolved with heads held high,
they did not sacrifice everything,
just to be kicked around and left to die,
hidden news from the world,
the shame is plain to see,
this is what lies in our southern waters,
this happens in Italy.
the shame of it, the vergogna,
the way we treat desperate people,
they have minds and hearts just like us,
they should be embraced,
they should be fed,
they should be given hope,
not left for dead.
©D.Hobson December 2013