writing hard or writing well,
do I have a gift?
can you tell?
do you read what I write?
do you see what I see?
do you really want to know,
what it is like being me?
I have doubts,
I have questions,
I am angry with myself,
maybe I am just kidding myself,
maybe this is not my life,
do I disturb you with my posts?
do I interfere with your life?
should I put this dying dog down,
and dedicate every minute to my wife.

will somebody comment these doubts?
did somebody think my work was shit?
should I give a damn about my critics?
should I just turn off and quit?

write to me and tell me the truth,
tell me how many mistakes I have made.
tell me if my writings are second class,
inform me, oh please do,
I would like some truthful commentary.
so go ahead and thank you!

┬ęD.Hobson January 2014