let me tell you about,
the best way to argue,
and the best way to make up,
whether you are my sister or my lover,
the worst thing to do,
is to implode or break up.

dividing life means you are two,
a couple, two men or two women,
or just a mix traditional,
at the end of the day,
you share a room or a bed,
you’ve worked your balls or tits off,
until you feel half dead,
work stresses you plus the kids,
the bills give you a final slap,
you’re pissed off and ready to explode,
you don’t need no more crap.

so you argue with the one you love,
you don’t mean to,
it’s not about you two,
it’s about everything else,
stress relief, let the lava flow,
let the steam out,
it’s natural, it’s pure,
it’s spreading the manure, it’s bliss,
but make up with a kiss,

you say things you don’t want to say,
but don’t let the tea stew too long,
make up the very next day,
get your story back on song.

it’s natural to argue,
sometimes it’s self-defence,
you’ve got to get the monkey of your back,
instead of sitting on the fence,
you’ve got to draw the line,
and show you won’t back down,
best to get the shit in the open,
swimming against the current means you drown.

don’t be scared, don’t lose confidence,
it’s just another petty fight,
a hug, a kiss, and a I love you,
and things will be alright.

it’s not about you two,
it’s about everything else,
money, work, snotty kids,
and the cats shit on the carpet,
and the dogs stolen your weed,
the sinks blocked, clothes torn,
kids five minutes ago in clean clothes.
now stink of shit and piss.

argue fast and argue hard,
kiss and make up quicker,
don’t leave the rancor to fester,
don’t make it over bitter.

call him, ring her,
sorry is an underused word,
I love you, we are love,
it’s a path so easy to choose,

so if you are my sister or my lover,
don’t get sad and twisted like my mother,
we need to do things the right and better way,
we’ve got to learn to love a new day,
you was out-of-order, he was out of his mind,
close the door fast on old arguments,
and find that spark that made you love blind.

┬ęD.Hobson January 2014