as life is a circle and continues on,jan2013 013
we don’t have to sing the same old song,
for life is eternal , new sights to see,
in two we gather memories, most happy,
and the poem goes on and on,
the end of a verse marred by a full stop,
this stop is not the end only a pause,
a gap to take a breath or hear some applause,
the pen has not run out yet,
and there is always another in the wings,
poems will be written forever,
every day, new inspiration it brings,
for every day a new sunrise ,
a new furry friend to photo,
the smell of dew in the garden,
are all new ways to inspire you,
the poem is eternal as is life,
dividing experiences with your wife,
inspired by new life and new ways,
the poem carries on in many ways,
the full stop is such a small hurdle,
we can jump over it and carry on,
we continue to write with a new title,
but in this heart all my poems belong,
let us add a little more,
add another line,
inspired by your lovers beauty,
both sipping on Sicilian wine,
another corner turned,
another experience to remember,
life does not end at Christmas,
we carry on and over December,
another town with another face,
another smile, maybe a hug,
another way of life in a different road,
continuing on higher like we all should,
a film ends with a happily ever after,
so the end of the flick is not the end,
a pause button on a video recorder ,
is just a little example,
maybe from one poem to another,
pass five minutes or five years,
fans of films wait in trepidation,
now they are making a third trilogy of star wars.
it is up to us writers to keep on writing,
long and hard, and forward in new ways,
the reader waits in agony,
were minutes seem to pass like days,
and the poem moves on at pace,
breaking down barriers, bridging space,
making ideas clear as the summer sky,
hooked in suspense and you don’t know why,
battling against writers block,
confronting an epic story line,
trying to spell out things differently,
food for thought on which you dine,
so reader do not fear,jan2013 010
if we nip out to drink beer,
or go shopping for clothes for Elisa,
or eat out on a tasty pizza,
because my mind is turning all the time,
with ideas and words and rhyme,
cannot wait to return home,
and get the ideas down in ink,
whilst the dinner is burning,
and the breakfast plates still in the sink,
I will try to find more time to write more,
inspired whilst I’m mopping the kitchen floor,
inspired and loved by a Calabrian girl,

Poetry eternal and forever more.

©D.Hobson January 2014