yes it is Sunday, the weekend is coming to an end, and everything you wanted to do has not been done, and you have only eight hours to do so, you wanted to write more poetry, you wanted to enlarge your fan base you wanted to cook a shepherd’s pie, but time flies and we are always behind schedule.

as you may have read the poem Doubts, if not do so now, then you will know that I am a very negative person, if I was positive maybe my work would be seen on a wider scale, but the truth is ninety per cent of my work has been binned or canceled from the archives on sites in the UK, my work was published in the UK in the early nineties.
Last year I decided what the hell, lets write, lets show the world what I can do, obviously I am not stupid and I know these things take time and energy, hopefully I am going in the right direction, slowly and surely. Doubts are still there , telling me I am out of my depth, telling me that everything I do is a waste of time and that button on my keypad called delete is the only friend I have and should be used more.
Elisa on the other hand, when she reads these doubts, she starts doing something like a war dance , telling me to be proud and continue on with my writing, so if you get annoyed with how I am writing and why I continue writing then blame her.
life on the other hand is always difficult, just like a river, sometimes it is flat and calm but has strong currents underneath, and every so often there are floods bringing death and destruction, we should therefore enjoy life, live it to the full, try to use the day and its sunshine to move in the correct direction and when the storm comes we stay inside with loved ones drinking tea and watch a badly directed horror movie, just don’t watch Blair Witch 2 a film that gets worse with every showing.
as always I would like to thank Elisa for pushing me down this road, for helping me in my adventure, and being there when the delete button is waving at me , I see it in the corner of my eye , jumping up and down, I would like to also say thanks to my little sister, who appeared with her pigtails in the poem Connell, sorry I do not live close to you and the boys , let me change that, sorry we don’t live close to you and the boys, we miss you as much as you miss us.

sorry? of course , thanks to all the followers on WordPress, twitter, Facebook, google and pinterest, thanks for clicking me.

enjoy what is left of the weekend.

Darren and Elisa