new age, new technology,
old age and tranquility.
everybody now sees who you are,
where you’ve been,
who you with,
no privacy,
no decency,
or embrace it,
or hate it,
it’s here to stay,
if you say you are on holiday,
your house gets robbed,
if a young girl goes to the cinema,
she gets raped,
some people promote themselves here,
others sell themselves,
a mix up of words,
call lead to ill-health,
we combat a virus,
the real disease is the host,
we add and gain,
for friends to have the most,
adding strangers with photos,
photos nothing to do with them,
a male could be a female,
a little girl really is a man,
don’t give out your personal details,
use your brain,
all what it seems is not true,
it’s ugly and tactical mayhem,
criminals have an easy life,
picking from these files,
they know exactly what phone you have,
and your list of pals,
the more we type, the more we’re used,
the more big brother is watching you,
we cannot escape, too late for that,
just be aware in what you do,
tell people where you went,
when you’re safely back at home,
beware of the shadows,
beware of all,
beware of old phish tales,
don’t trust, be wary,
don’t relax when you need to worry,
every love byte will be an infection,
a trojan worm already at home,
someone took your credit card,
is now on a plane to Rome,
a boy too sweet too intelligent,
to be just eleven years old,
so who is really behind that profile,
another beast unlocked from a cage,
for society is now international,
we don’t play with kids in the same street,
be careful when you use the internet,
beware of who you want to meet,
tell you mother, ask your father,
get advice from your big brother,
don’t do things in such a hurry,
don’t relax when you need to worry.

┬ęD.Hobson January 2014