hello, good morning, good night, wherever you are.
my path towards the mountain called literature is coming on slowly, I have packed my mule with ideas and ink and we are heading through the forest of doubt, the running river is near I can hear its flow, and so far I have had no negative press to report.

if you want to criticize me then please do, I don’t mind, it is part of the learning curve.
I have nothing great to report, I am trying to write as often as I can, trying to take as many photos as possible and uploading everything between feeding the cats and making dinner for Elisa, I can report she made an excellent dinner yesterday.
the weather here is wet and cold, maybe not really awful weather judging by the weather in the UK and the US, but for us here it is awful enough.
I wrote yesterday about the dangers of internet use and abuse, one thing I did not pick up on was the growing trend of harming someone or something and filming it or making a photo.
we should all condemn such actions, cruelty to others and animals is horrid as it is but uploading the abuse for all to see over the web, is totally sick, I do not want to see anymore people laughing as they pose with a cat’s head, these people should be locked up.
local news in this area is that they have finally caught and in the process of bringing a gang of burglars to justice, so we can all can live a little bit safer…. wait a minute the burglars are actually a few ex policemen and a couple of policemen still on the force, and the people have the audacity to not trust me with my long hair and big beard but the real thieves are policemen, idea for a poem maybe!
other local news from this area is generally bad news, burglaries are on the up, unemployment on the up, taxes going up, businesses closing down, so a lot of people are not having a happy new year.

breaking news another worker has lost his life driving an excavator which fell into a ditch, so again bad news from the area, my condolences go out to his family. 😦

well again we would like to thank you all for reading and being with us, please join us on twitter or Facebook or google if you have not already done so.
tell me how I am doing, we won’t bite you head off!

Darren and Elisa