music makes you happy,
when you hear your favourite song,
it could make you sad,
if you understand the words right,
it could take you back ,
to a special moment in your life,
a birth, a wedding , a kiss,
could we live a life without music,
even that manufactured shit,
some music today is more video,
more “look at me” ,  than listen and learn,
when I turn on the stereo,
my choice of music is extreme,
most of my readers would disown me,
if they knew what I loved to hear,
they may ask how can you listen,
to something so violent so loud,
I then reply to them with a wicked smile,
this is what makes me proud,
so some people can relate to a Foxtrot,
some people dance the salsa in a bar,
some people surround the dance floor shyly,
some people only sing in their car,
so why do I listen to Cannibal Corpse,
how can “cauldron of hate” make me smile,
for me it is about being let free,
getting rid of all the tensions in one go,
for Cannibal Corpse is an art,
at the extreme end of the spectrum,
people spend time and energy,
perfecting the way the audience needs to see them,
like a ballet dancer performs every night,
they have to be super in their preparations,
all musical acts that I follow,
are the same in many ways,
some acts are brutal,
and let the music pound you away,
other acts are more visual,
Slipknot or Rob Zombie better every day,
some acts have fallen,
Marilyn Manson has lost the plot,
some acts are old and still touring,
Motorhead’s Lemmy is the prime example,
so there are lots of types of music,
old and new, rock and blue,
classical and opera, different continents,
everyone has a reason to listen.
music keeps you alive, keeps you going,
when the daily shit has hit the fan,
music gives you something to believe in,
from revolution and evolution.
so thank you all the artists who have thrilled me,
you know I can’t name you all,
my cd’s are getting worn out,
playing all this metal and rock n’ roll,
so here is to seeing you in the future,
I hope Dani Filth brings his saggy ass to Rome,
waiting for Slayer, Deicide, or Carcass,
to play somewhere nearer to home,
Rob Zombie and Megadeth , see you in June,
we are not sure if we can afford to see Metallica,
I’ve got to be honest and fair with Elisa,
so we might see Skunk Anansie or Litfiba,
and it has been too long since I saw ,
my friends in Cannibal Corpse,
I hope to persuade Elisa to join me,
and listen to live version of “scalding hail”
must not forget Adam Ant,
must say Hey Hello to Ginger and the Wildhearts
thanks for everything,
thanks for the music over these years

so friends be friendly with your music,
give thought to why you listen to it,
listen now to Faith No More ” Just A Man”
and ditch that Miley Cyrus pornshit.

©D.Hobson January 2014

dani filth
Dani Filth
james mcilroy
james mcilroy
Duff Mckagan
Duff Mckagan
Max Cavalera
Max Cavalera
piero pelù
piero pelù (Litfiba)
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie
marilyn manson
marilyn manson
Ginger Wildheart
Cass (skunk anansie) and Elisa
Cass (skunk anansie) and Elisa
Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister (now 68 !!)
Adam Ant
Adam Ant