After work more than before,
your taste buds are itching,
you have a craving, oh you’re so immature,
you could drink water,
but what would that do,
we need something stronger,
something that will unstress you.
as you are driving on home,
you are dreaming of Campari,
with a touch, a little touch of gin,
or maybe some Spumante,
with a taste, a little bit of ginger,
or perhaps some beer,
a simple , simple cold beer,
but you forgot something important,
wine, there is no wine for dinner,
got to buy some before Elisa gets angry,
one bottle, maybe two just in case,
I think we need more than one drink.
being sensible I stop the car,
sending a message to Elisa , be quick dear,
get your makeup on , we’re going out,
but first I’ve got to buy some wine,
so you have more time, to use eye liner,
mascara and to use some facial cream,
but not in that order, I don’t know,
how you do it, but just do it, be quick,
is the camera ready to roll,
put some batteries on charge,
and I’ll be home in twenty minutes,
after I’ve bought the wine, the red wine,
question now gets more difficult,
wine from Tuscany or from the south,
it must be thirteen percent or more,
anything less is fruit juice ,second division wine,
Vipra Rossa is potent and expensive,
but what the hell, let’s be classy as well as drunk,
Nero D’Avola or maybe Ciro’ ,
or what the hell, lets buy them all,
it’s not like they will stay closed for long,
so I’ve bought the wine and some cat food,
for the cats that are dancing to Cannibal Corpse,
they are great movers, you should come and see,
one cat jumps to the left, and Tigrotta jumps to the right,
and the black cat just shakes its head and then stares at me.
the cats are fed and I am home,
Elisa is adjusting her hair and getting the scarf,
for it is cold, it is winter, outside its miserable,
but we walk to stretch our legs, get some air,
let’s go to that bar way down there,
Roberta and Fabio will prepare some snacks to eat,
maybe pizza, maybe crisps, maybe tuna butties,
Elisa coughs , the wine is local , non filtered, so strong,
it’s only fourteen and a half degrees , lovely alcohol,
and the glass is huge and could be classy,
Elisa says after this, I’ll be dancing like the cats,
but who cares, with her infectious smile, I’ll be dancing too,
but don’t you dare, stare, just look at me,
for you , the reader, do you need a drink too?
darren1394683_3849341323363_1784675229_n 385005_2724918175179_1028569274_nI think you do, you’re looking a little stressed,
a little uptight, got too many things on your mind,
have a wee dram, smile, best cure you can find,
but do not exaggerate, after three bottles , stop,
of wine , of course, you have to work tomorrow,
you have to see, to be able to produce, some produce,
so with that in mind, be careful what you do.
especially the day after if you need to drive,
a few glasses is ok, so you can sleep it all off,
have a drink , on me, but be super sober at 7 a.m.

©D.Hobson January 2014