it is the day you like best,
it is the day you do less,
the day you lie in,
the kitchen is a mess,
you have three rounds of laundry,
the toilet has lost its shine,
in the distance church bells ring,
saying it is the lord’s time,
Elisa snuggles deeper,
underneath the quilt,
the clock moves on anyway,
the light insists that it is day,
when ten o clock nears,
I crawl out of the bed,
got to start the housework,
got to get fed,
now the bathroom has refound freshness,
the washing machine works on,
Elisa has still not risen,
so I attack the plates in the sink,
the cats are looking at me,
sat on the wall across the road,
eyes that say please feed me,
but I’m not going out it’s too cold,
the plates don’t seem to finish,
it seems my whole weekend,
was standing over that sink,
a huge number of glasses,
it is not that we like to drink,
no football to watch,
united is out of the cup,
both of them actually,
well this weekend I am not getting upset,
watching idiots like Welbeck and Nani,
the film last night was entertaining
Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters,
was not bad for a new film,
we still have to watch the Lords Of Salem,
as it gets later we get lazier,
we do not want to do what we need to do,
as the housework gets delayed,
postponed to another day,
just reading and writing some more,
as the day gets through,
you cannot stop time,
no matter what you do,
the ugly head of Monday is always nearer,
with that comes work and stress,
and Elisa is home alone
in our wonderful nest,
trying to study the art and culture of India.
life is boring sometimes,
but we have to hit the nail on the head,
we should force ourselves into the day,
and not lay all day in bed,

so today is Sunday slow,
sat at home with my Elisa,
thoughts again turn to eating.
and other chores I don’t want to know.
so reader have a good day,
I hope someone is more inspired than me,
maybe you’ve gone to a country fair,
gone to church or celebrated liberty.
wherever you are,
whoever you are,
happy sunday,
buona domenica
from Elisa and me!

©D.Hobson January 2014