dreaming is what dreamers do,
when thinking has become painful,
imagining days of long ago,
when breathing was not so eventful,
dreaming of the past or future,
dreaming of a better place to be,
dreaming of the one you love,
taking her away from this daily misery,
dreaming of a life without money,
dreaming of being understood,
dreaming of being equal,
no matter the colour of your blood,
day dreaming or in the night-time,
the story is always the same,
I wish and plea for an easier life,
where you can bend the rules of the game,
in two you fight through the blizzard,
of bullshit that comes daily,
but dreaming of you two in paradise,
relaxed and smiling, dancing slowly,
dreaming a dream,
like all dreamers do,
where the grass is always greener,
and the skies a formidable blue,
where illness and tiredness,
no longer exist in a smog free world,
where food is purer than spring water,
vitamins and herbs are the medicines here,
where everything in nature lives in harmony,
and there is never, ever anything to fear,
so keep on dreaming,
and keep on reaching,
to something almost in reach,
just carry on hoping,
as the world keeps turning,
and we’re one step nearer our dream.

©D.Hobson January 2014