after a long journey,
to visit our next door neighbours,
and their delightful, talkative boy,
a little figure attracted me,
from the corner of my eye,
the curious cat on the prowl,
for the cat our excursion,
was to give her more food,
even though I had already fed her,
obviously that portion was no good,
so every time we go out,
this cat tries to lead us,
to where we store her food,
you should see the look on her face,
when we walk in the opposite direction,
if she could talk she would say “how rude”
last night she was not impressed,
when we both entered our house,
in fact she turned around to show us,
that the way to her food was not in there,
we left the door open,
to see if she would come in,
with curious eyes and twitching whiskers,
she slowly got her paw in,
as we watched from the kitchen,
we saw her head bob up and down,
inspecting the smells of our house,
suspicious of something amiss,
with some courage she entered deeper,
into this forbidden human territory,
her all-seeing eyes calculating,
for us it was quite funny,
nearer and nearer she came to us,
further from our front door,
she was a very brave cat last night,
she stayed with us a little more than before,
I crept to the door and closed it,
and the cat ran from beneath the table,
the shock was written all over her face,
when she found an exit no more,
feeling trapped and inferior,
her cat eyes looked at me,
obviously I opened the door straight away,
allowing this cat to flee,
she gives us five minutes of amusement,
every now and then,
this was her longest visit ever,
I hope she comes in again,
we hope she did not leave her fleas behind,
we have enough problems in here,
poor cat now outside in the winter cold,
but we cannot enslave her in here,
so our friendly cat with the twitching whiskers,
and her beautiful all-seeing eyes,
see you tomorrow evening for your dinner,
our favourite stray cat seems so wise.

©D.Hobson January 2014