the weather is bad,
your policies are worse,
you’ve got Italy in the gutter,
you’ve got to call the hearse,
but it will take time to arrive,
because it is now a horse and carriage,
the Mercedes cost too much to tax,
and they can’t afford to fill her up,
typical situation in Italy today,
tax us more but we can’t pay,

you’ve stolen from us,
and we’ve got nothing back, thief!
you’ve told us again,
a better future will arrive tomorrow, liar!
we’re heading in the right direction?!
but we’re dead in the polluted water,
and you’re a no good , dithering politician.

so get out of your government paid car,
take a stroll down any high street,
shutters closed, so many empty spaces,
nobody around to show us their sad faces,
some of the shops have become infested with slot machines,
betting on your future that will never come,
other lots have become electronic cigarette stalls,
mobile phones shops or a home for mice,
try to find an independent bookshop or a stand alone eatery,
fifty year old shops, taxed off the high street.
butchers, bakers and candlestick makers,
wiped away with a tsunami of tax,
the high street grey and desolate,
even a radioactive town has more joy,
the government has destroyed the commercial trade,
and they still are hammering nails in the coffin,
dithering politicians eating a hearty meal,
the angry paying population is watching and waiting.

you’ve destroyed a high street,
you’ve taken so many dreams away, thief!
you’ve promised to employ the young,
and let Italy be a proud nation again, liar!
I don’t care if you are Renzi or Letta,
a five-year old kid could do better,
don’t talk to me about the pedophile berlusconi,
or the mass of idiots around his ego,
you are bastards in politics,
you are no good to me or Italy,

take a drive to an industrial zone,
but go in your fuel thirsty helicopter,
because the roads leading there are impassable,
with numerous potholes and abandoned cars,
the only faces you will see in this area,
are the whores keeping warm by campfires,
no traffic, no workers, all from another era,
stabbed to death by political liars,
no industry, the warehouses are closed,
some taken over by the ever growing homeless,
millions of lives without no income,
how do you think we got to this outcome?
just look at the news here today,
Fiat changes its financial heart,
desperately looking for a way of survival,
trying not to be sucked dry by taxes,
Electrolux has given its staff an ultimatum,
accept this if you don’t want us to move away,
it’s hard for us too to be in italy,
so we’re going to half everyone’s pay,
two examples of Italy’s industry in crisis,
the government is too busy eating prawns,
the whole goddamn nation up shit creek without a paddle,
desperate, cold and weak with a fear of every new dawn,

all history you’ve seen in a school book,
or on the internet or in a film,
every piece of Italy is falling down,
no money to hold them up,
at this rate there will be no more history,
to subsidize this corrupt economy,
tourism will die when there is nothing left to see,
beach lovers not coming to bathe in the now polluted sea,
tourists sick and tired of the disgusting public transport,
left out to dry as pick pockets run amok,
young american girls drugged and raped near Termini,
this is a cesspit in what should be , beautiful Italy.

I love this place and its honest people,
but its a bad apple rotten to the core,
we need to get back to basics,
because all this bullshit we can’t take no more,

you’ve taken our dreams,
and placed us in slavery, you thief!
you say the worse has happened,
and the recovery has just begun, you liar!
how about cutting your wages?
and cutting out the bad wood?
where are all the good politicians?
we don’t want any more leeches sucking our blood.

italy was sweet one time,
but now it’s full of crime,
even the police have turned to burglary,
and the priests are practicing sodomy,
a sick and deflated society,
we want to return to the correct Italy,
but there is no one to trust anymore,
men are drug runners and the women are whores,
priests molesting their young congregation,
politicians leading a corrupt double life,
the whole transport infrastructure on the verge of collapse,
and thousands of people have taken their life,

we need a cure , I don’t think Renzi,
is any better than the rest,
we’re a sinking ship and they are worse than Schettino,
we are Italy , we should be the best.

©D.Hobson January 2014