Thought I would check in and say hello, and say the usual heart-felt thanks for those people who continue to read and follow our work.
I have been missing in action since my last post on Thursday.
well I was ill and still am, got the flu last friday, nothing too serious fever of about 38.5 on friday and saturday, sunday was slightly better I had problems breathing, and monday evening I went to the doctor for a check up, where he said you have a little bit of bronchitis , so I am off work up until and including thursday.
seems a great idea being off work, I could spend all my time writing, only problem my concentrations low, and I am taking medicine so I am sleepy, so I have little writing to report.
I know we have not been really unlucky like having a volcano explode like in Indonesia, poor people who have lost their lives, the biggest nearest earthquake was in Greece on the 26th of january. it is the weather that is getting us nervous, a storm system that auto regenerates or something meaning central italy got hit hard with rain, between Rome and Pisa were the worst hit, a lot of the out of city areas in Rome were inundated with a lot of rainwater last Friday and the situation is still critical today, everybody is now screaming its the mayors fault, and the mayor replies “I did not build this area in the 1960s, it’s not my fault”, so we have the usual game of people telling lies , promising everything and giving nothing, strangely I wrote a poem about this, here is the link.

I would like to underline whoever reads this to not trust anyone who offers you lodgings or drinks in or around Roma Termini, I wrote about an american girl being raped near termini, it was sort of collection of news stories I twisted together, but in recent days, a young girl of about 20 years old, got chatting to some blokes at termini and offered her this and that and the outcome was inevitable, so do not trust anyone!!!

after writing a demoralising angry, same old shit different day poem, I decided to write something  funnier, I think the fever was already working on my thought processor, so I wrote about ants that like clapping their hands, here is the link.

early on in the week I had written another cat poem, about the stray cat coming in our home to see what there was to see!

the first poem of the week was a simple straight forward poem about dreams.

that was my week, devastated by my illness, I was making some progress as well, I do have a few poems in mind, maybe tomorrow I will start writing!

thanks for reading, use your umbrella or thermal undies.
Darren and Elisa

7th February update,

still feeling tired and irritated, not gone back to work yet, lost a whole week of writing due to a miserable cold, we are such a delicate race! hope you have a great weekend all. hope the sun shines for you!

Darren and Elisa