yes we are in a crisis,
yes I know there is no work,
but all this negative reaction,
is driving me berserk,
we are in the same boat too,
so why should you steal from me,
I am shitting nails here to survive,
trying to find some dignity,
near my home there is a crime wave,
and it is all over this country,
creating a tsunami of fear,
destroying lives a plenty,
in the olden days,
there was some kind of gentleman’s law,
were the burglar would be kind,
ok he would rob your valuables,
but not leave your place in such a mess,
therefore not going over the top on ones distress,
but the crime wave affecting us today,
is so much more sicker in every way,
they don’t just pull out your drawers from the drawers,
the turn your ikea furniture to firewood,
they dismantle the kitchen,
overturn the stove,
pulling out pipes from the wall,
the injustice of being burgled is enough,
without having your belongings demolished  too,
the police here says it’s happening four times a day,
and still these bastards are getting away,
the police only have time to catch a crime lord,
petty crime is such a bore,
meanwhile families are returning from work,
finding their lives treasures in matchstick bits,
and these thieves are having fun,
knowing they can stroll away, not having to run,
the police are sitting in a bar drinking oily coffee,
it is far too wet to venture out,
they have easier tasks to do like issuing parking tickets,
when they really have too,against the public’s outcry,
so there is a crime wave and the police are surfing the net,
sat in their cosy office because they are scared of getting wet,
there is a crime wave damn it, the victims are flooded with fear,
get in your damn panda, man, plug-in the sink,
that is an epidemic, help your neighbour out,
get this crime wave over, blow and cut it out.

©D.Hobson February 2014