it is just water,
clear ,pure, cold
simple in form,
hard to hold,
evaporates away,
becomes gas,
becomes invisible,
becomes part of the air,
mixed, representing life,
just water,
no harm done,
but together with its friends,
it will become a stream,
a river, a torrent, full flow,
just water looking for an exit,
looking for an ocean,
in small amounts friendly,
in large amounts deadly,
there is no stopping,
its relentless quest to move on,
to the sea, to be with others,
mixed with salt and pollution
home to fish and sea mammals,
currents move the water,
sun evaporates the lucky few,
sometimes water finds themselves below zero,
becoming ice, so cool and hard,
you can drown in water,
humidity can get you ill,
a torrent hitting a stalled car,
will be the death of you,
in small amounts we can handle,
be afraid when storm clouds appear,
watch your step be alert,
water means danger, something to fear.

┬ęD.Hobson February 2014