On this named day,
entwined in commercialism,
where heart has become a symbol,
with true colours and neat shapes,
what should we do today,
that we didn’t do 24 hours ago,
love is every day,
in case you didn’t know,
and when you have someone special,
which has happened to me,
you will be blessed every single day,
it is called continuity,
it is not about costly flowers,
or over sweet chocolates,
it is about sharing a burden,
and getting through life,
I make Elisa’s dinner most evenings,
and we toast our life together,
I survive her every smile and tear,
and promise to make things better,
another day is another hurdle,
in two we climb up and beyond,
we live for each other,
skipping across life’s treacherous pond,
so for you this day is special,
for us it’s another great day,
we always celebrate our life together,
and we intend to keep it that way.
so thank you Elisa for being here,
and putting up with all my grief,
so tonight after the dentist,
you daily dose of kiss and cuddle,
a little something to eat,
and with your smile of satisfaction,
it makes my day complete

grazie amore!

©D.Hobson February 2014