so another week has flown by, the mad weather is still making lives difficult in many parts of the world from snow storms in the US, wet weather in the UK, currently here in italy after our storms, we are having some nice unseasonal weather, yesterday was a glorious warm day, not very february!
like I said a few days ago , I was ill and went back to work on Tuesday, nothing much to report there, Man Utd played Arsenal in London and got a draw, it is so hard to watch united these days, we are worse than the weather!
yesterday was a certain day were all the restaurants were full of people willing to pay twice as much for a meal, for half the quality! I bet if you go to the same restaurant on monday, the price will be realistic and the service and quality of food will be superior due to the fact there will be less eaters! Me and Elisa did not do anything extravagant, we celebrate our love everyday, Elisa had to go to the dentist and after her check up we decided to visit her delightful little niece, which was the best way to celebrate yesterday.
obviously I dedicated a poem to Elisa, here it is

obviously there was a lot of water around in these days, so I had to write something about the wet stuff.

reading in the local papers and the Facebook page of this poor falling down city , we see burglaries are on the up, so I had to write a poem about that.

again at the beginning of the week, feeling rough from my illness but in the end, I was better off than most people in this world that have been victim to wicked weather, here is the poem about that.

yesterday saw another page close in Italian Politics with Enrico Letta leaving his post, so we are again in turmoil, not that it every ended, as this story plays out, you are obviously waiting for another poem on the dithering politicians, so maybe today or tomorrow I will pen something wicked for our grim heroes in parliament , watch this space!

so it is the weekend, enjoy it, keep writing , keep reading, and love everybody.

Darren and Elisa!