dreaming for a day,
dream in a daze,
an equal world,
sharing is not only for Facebook,
food for everyone,
food for thought,
a roof over your head,
a warm comfy bed,
rights for everyone,
justice for all,
peace at all times,
midnight roads are safe,
empty houses secure,
environmental friendly,
says what’s in the tin,
houses earthquake-proof,
I know I am dreaming,

and the papers sell a scoop,
another tragedy.
only death and torture,
fits the bill today,
if she is not raped,
it is not headline news,
if he has not stolen a million,
it is not a story they choose,

too far gone,
down a road,
so far away,
deep in a minefield,
of greed and want,
humans multiply there,
wanting more,
sold out like whores,
surrounded by nothing,
that means everything,
in this fragile society.

robbed for five euros,
killed for a petty fight,
maimed for being pretty,
jailed for being right.

we all dream all day,
stop the bills coming,
make the neighbours calm down,
stop them partying all night,
we need to sleep alright,
poor Isa is stressed,
she is doing no wrong,
the police were called,
and they came and did nothing,
must be because foreigners can party,
allowed to destroy lives,
poor Isa and spiderman ,
forgotten by the law.

we dream a lot,
and we don’t ask much,
we want to live in peace,
and pay our dues,
we want to be treated equally,
and sod the same old news,
we want some prosperity,
a little bit of space,
to be happy with family,
knowing everyone else is safe,
nobody should beg for food,
nobody should risk their life,
crossing oceans to escape,
war and hunger and disease,
so dream a little harder,
and do it now please!

┬ęD.Hobson February 2014