hello readers hope everyone is happy and safe, hope the weather is being good to you wherever you are.
it has been a strange week, Elisa is still ill with her cough and cold , so she is very upset, this means that for 2014 she has hardly left the house and the few times she has left it was for medical or dentist appointments, I try my best to lift her spirits, but when she can not eat or drink then I have to do other things, yesterday I bought her 3 t-shirts and a new track suit type thing for when she is at home, so that made her smile, I am fed up as well going to the chemist too often!
news from italy if you did not know, today Matteo Renzi was sworn in as our new leader, the youngest I believe, not many people trust the events in parliament, so we are cautious with what is happening, I hope he will reduce the cost of government and get people back to work, this beautiful country is in a mess, high unemployment, too many taxes, pensions so low, that people at 80 years old are looking for work ,suicides and factory closures are a daily occurrence
my poem touching on this subject, very long ,was published earlier in the week.


I also wrote a poem about dreaming of a better life where everyone is equal and no one starves.


then I wrote a poem about the joys of literature reading and writing and how much fun it is learning new things.


then to cheer things up even more I wrote a fantastic poem about our stray cats, trying to underline their different characters, I even got their photos to show you.


it has not been a very productive week, I have been busy trying to cure Elisa, so my priorities are with here. she has been watching the Sanremo Music festival all week , the festival for the italian artists, nothing exciting, the highlight of the festival was Friday when Tommy Lee made an appearance on drums helping his friends out for the classic italian song Nel blu dipinto di blu.

with music in mind and especially italian music, there was the sad news of the passing of one of the singers who rose to fame in the 70s, Francesco Di Giacomo, who died in a car accident.


well I hope everyone enjoys what is left of this weekend, spring is just around the corner and hopefully everybody will stop coughing and sneezing, even the cats are at it!


Darren and Elisa