it is one of those things,
that you find in your hand,
it is an extension of you,
which you may or may not understand,
you might not be the best speller,
and your grammar imprecise,
but you have been pushed,
to use your so called talent ,
more than twice,
so instead of erratic patterns,
of submitting poetry here and there,
we decided to go for continuity,
getting everything of your chest hair,
writing more and freely,
exploring more and deeply,
publishing on more than one site,
writing in more than one language.
I am only doing simply things in my life,
what’s simpler than to read or write?

did not know I was stepping into a mindfield,
you know the sort of place in war,
where you usually find mines,
but here in the literal world,
every mind is a ticking bomb,
waiting for your face to explode in,
you cannot write about that,
and please do not swear,
do not write too long a poem,
because after 16 lines,
nobody ever gets there,
stop using too many commas,
and stop with the rhymes,
stop placing verses out-of-order,
that is from bygone times,
the exclamation marks are too fussy,
looks like a forest of doubt,
stop writing in ancient latin,
I did not mean to SHOUT!!!,

rules, rules follow the fucking rules,
you will never get anywhere,
being outside of our rules,
follow the laws from the university teacher,
you did not get a degree in literature?
so what are you doing here,
only people with a certain privilege,
have a permanent ticket to be here.
read more and read from your rivals,
study the form of verse,
write only romantic short poems,
and nothing long and perverse.

join a group advertise your wares,
but no links or photos please,
keep your verse to 14 words,
and even better keep it brief,
do not ask for friendship whilst here,
don’t mock the church, and don’t consume beer,
when writing a post make sure you’re clothed,
make sure your beard is not over two days old,
use black ink and a suitable font,
dot your every i and cross every t,
be a conformist do not feel free.

so why do we bother to write at all,
when the name of the game is win,
and if everybody are just counting tweets,
and feeling paranoid of not fitting in,
I doubt my work has been studied at depth,
I doubt that people hold on to my breath,
I can only write and hope one person has smiled,
made a note in their memory of tiles,
knowing that someone has been moved,
from a few words that I wrote,
I’m happy with Elisa in my poor mans castle,
where the 8 laned highway is my moat,

An Artsy Fartsy Topsy Turvy World,
is where we find the mindfield,
we all have opinions and objections,
we are fighting and defeating each other,
whilst in the post, pile up letters of rejection,
nobody is going to get rich from reciting verse,
so what the hell are we bickering for?
lets just have fun and launch a few rhymes,
you could live in Velletri, that is much worse!!!!!!!!!

© D.Hobson March 2014