There Is No-one more stupid than an arrogant florist in Velletri,
or so they say, well I said it,
and I will be damned if I change my opinion,
I am headstrong didn’t you know,
when I change my mind,
it will start to snow,
in the middle of the Sahara desert,
getting back to the pillock with the flowers,
who got offended by something I wrote,
in a community page here in sorry Velletri,
about a man selling flowers from his car,
making a few pennies or euros on the side,
well that should be a huge risk,
for the other robbing bastards .
who say they are making a living,
who regularly forget to stamp the receipt,
and therefore do not pay tax,
in a tax starved economy,
a poorly run Italy,
so who is in the wrong now fucker?

it seems everybody is too busy making money,
instead of doing their job,
where sales make egos,
and clients are ripped off,
did you hear about the doctor prescribing the wrong drugs,
to shut up the patient and make her go away,
instead of something to cure a niggle,
a sort of pistol to shoot down a pigeon,
the prescribe a bloody bazooka,
and we blow the whole fucking neighbourhood away,
pathetic idiots incompetence and blind,
these people are making me lose my mind,
it seems that every person we have every met here,
is trying to con you in one way or another,

there are rare exceptions of course

they would sell you their very own grave,
to the highest dumbest bidder,
why did we move here we wasn’t to know,
that the people here know nothing of culture,
they would rather bulldoze the whole historical centre,
and in its place would grow a huge park,
because they have to park there SUVs and range rovers,
to buy their lottery tickets and visit the arcades,
such a shame there is so much promise,
but here there is only sawdust between their ears,
the only thing important here is showing your ass,
buying a new phone and getting yourself in arrears!

There Is No-one more stupid than an arrogant florist in Velletri
but maybe there are, it is hard to distinguish
one idiot from another!

© D.Hobson March 2014